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Loop - another project from the studio Ketchapp, which is the record for the number of casual projects for the Android platform. This time, the user is to manage a small black ball, which moves along a winding track in an automatic format. All that is required for the player is to quickly and dexterously remove all obstacles appearing on the path of the miniature sphere. All this has to be done in one touch, but very unusual. So, if during the movement of the ball you noticed a barrier in the form of a strange pattern, then on an empty place of the screen you need to try to reproduce this sign. In the event that an element of blue color - it is destroyed instantly, but red obstacles require special attention - more time and "body movements" are spent on their destruction. Regularly appear on the screen bonuses, so, the clock slows down the speed of moving the sphere, giving you more time to solve tasks to destroy obstacles, and lightning can destroy all obstacles in the field of view at once and so on. Gradually, the speed of the ball will increase steadily, and in the end you will still lose, the main thing is that before that the record was set, it is better if it is of global importance, that automatically brings you to the prestigious global rating. It's also possible to make mistakes, by the way, only if there is time before correcting this mistake, when the barrier is relatively far away.
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