Mini Motor Racing

Race 3d


This is the best rally game! Ride on small cars with remote control! They combine modern technology and nitro engines! With both WiFi can play 4 people! Mini Motor Racing gives you the opportunity to improve their skills and machines for the win! Features:
- FRUIT NINJA bonuses which include special themed tracks and cars!
- Your choice of cars. Fully improve, each with its own unique style and control!
- Win the race, win the car! Win all the races, and you'll find yourself behind the wheel of the official buggy Fruit Ninja!
- Many types of tracks. Race on over 20 tracks, day and night, in all weather conditions!
- Multiplayer up to 4 people with WIFi!

Technical data: Android Version: 2.3.3 or higher
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Version 1.0.1 ARMv7: Version 1.0.1 ARMv6 :


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Application Type: Paid
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