The Troopers: minions in arms

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The Troopers: minions in arms - small soldiers go out on the warpath, and you have to control and supervise all the actions of the impromptu military command. Before you is a nice Android strategy without a hint of seriousness, since the protagonists can not cause anything but a smile, so it remains to be wondered how they manage to defeat the enemies. According to the plot, the unit of cool units fights against the professional fighters of a certain corporation, which decided to substantially reduce the population on the planet, in order to then establish total control over the surviving people. The main feature of the project is the implementation and availability of PvP duels. Miniature soldiers sometimes do not behave very well, I release tricky jokes, permeated with cynical military sarcasm. Quality animation animates our warriors, and creators endow each warrior with their charisma. The control system is implemented intuitively - the user should only use arrows that simulate attacking actions, move around the global map and so on, and all other actions of the small unit's soldiers are done automatically, according to the system's built-in algorithm. For the victory in PvP and the execution of plot tasks, the gamer receives a reward, with which you can buy new fighters, and the weapons arsenal as diverse as possible. As a result, I want to say that the project The Troopers: minions in arms is interesting and cheerful, capable for a long time to captivate and raise the mood of the player, basically, of course, it is the merit of ridiculous and original protagonists.


The Troopers: minions in arms
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Тип файла: apk
The size: 27.67 MB
Version: 0
date of download 2017-05-26
Android 0+
New in this version
+ Huge strategy update for Arenas: now you can give orders to troopers while fighting other commanders.
+ Extra pistol skills for long-range troopers. Your sharpshooters and grenadiers can go toe to toe with an enemy at close range.
+ Sponsor’s supplies: enjoy great videos and we'll supply you with extra chests.
+ Provoker skill changed. Now a trooper has a chance to taunt rather than a 100% guarantee.
Dedicated to International Museum Day. Consider your life a museum - fill it.
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