Grow Empire: Rome

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Grow Empire: Rome is a new strategic Android game implemented in wall-to-wall mechanics, in which the user, acting as a Roman commander, will effectively expand the borders of his state, absorbing neighboring countries and even entire continents. The starting stage for capturing the whole game world is a competently planned defense of its own base, which is regularly attacked by local savages, not abhorring absolutely any methods of conducting combat operations. You have to send units of legionnaires to meet the enemy, trying to beat all to a single wave, and they, incidentally, will be just a huge amount. For the destruction of the enemy's manpower, we earn virtual money and spend it on strengthening the gates and walls of our outpost, increasing the damage inflicted by archers and other units. Pumping the level and gaining experience, we can unlock the tools that throw stones, for example, the ballista. After unlocking the new arms and their maximum pumping, you can choose on the global map new points for conquest, step by step absorbing all the neighboring countries, establishing in them a Roman dictate. The colonized territories will regularly make a profit, which will go on further development and improvement. Graphically, the project Grow Empire: Rome looks a little childish and primitive, so it is unlikely to interest serious fans of the strategic direction.


Grow Empire: Rome
general information
Тип файла: apk
The size: 52.47 MB
Version: 0
date of download 2017-05-30
Android 0+
New in this version
-Improved graphics.
-Added achievements.
-Implemented new enemy towers.
-Fixed bug at wave 680.
-Fixed bug at territory 105
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Application Type: Free of charge
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