Pizza Boy


Pizza Boy - a thief stole the delicious pizza and it requires the player to chase the thief through the levels that abound in various threats and dangers, as the weapon you have bottles of soda.

Run Cow Run


Run Cow Run - it's funny and a very beautiful game, in which you will play for a cute little cow. One fine day Burenka notice how cruel farmer catches other animals. At one point, the cow thinks that her and the other animals waiting for a terrible fate - they will be sent to the slaughterhouse.

In Amelia vs. the Marathon player to participate in the marathon. Marathon champion does not want to give the leadership of Amelia, so she sent her assistant to be discouraged opponent. You also need to withstand the onslaught of various nefarious tricks and rebuff the pest.

Cave Escape


Cave Escape - another runner, though he is not quite normal, because in addition to run you have to destroy the enemies. It all starts with the fact that your character-treasure hunter after many years of searching found Swat Grail.

Pyramid Run 2 - colorful, dynamic runner that players love after the first part. At this time the developers have decided to make a race in the winter. We have to get away from waking up snowmen and snow destructive avalanches.

Horror Run


Horror Run - rather gloomy arcade. You are the girl who was in trouble. Somehow, she was all alone in the cemetery, overrun all sorts of vermin.

Iron Rusher


Iron Rusher - a great game where you have to time to jump and fly, avoiding all sorts of obstacles. The game excellent graphics, high-quality drawing all objects, jumping and acceleration of the main character.

Help the main character to collect gold bugs in a great runner - Moonlight Runner. At night, clearly visible gold bugs and our heroine collects them. Embark on a fantastic journey where you need to jump between platforms, avoiding the various threats and dangers.

Ninja Escape


You have to help the ninja escape and get away from the bandits in a great runner - Ninja Escape. Simple, but at the same time exciting game that will help you pass your free time. Ninja constantly running, and you need to help him overcome obstacles, accelerate and make it to jump.

In this exciting arcade game you have to compete on the level of the children. But it is not simple, and extremely fast! In your arsenal are special snowflakes that freezes the opponent, and a lot of skills that you can buy in the game.