Playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City combines elements of shooter and autosimulator open to explore the game world with the traditional type of control. In this version of the game formed ideas of past games from the legendary series. Therefore, the player will need to perform in the main criminal jobs that will come from a variety of characters. For example, it would be criminal bosses, which transmits data to your hero a local phone. Similarly, a player receives regular support tasks when in the game world gets to a particular place or sits in a car. While the order is not taken to be executed, or failed, the player does not have opportunities to perform other missions.

Gameplay GTA Vice City kind of simulation of life criminal element. That's the way it is! You have to rob banks, kill the nasty guys fight with the cops, steal cars, but this is only the tip of the list of your affairs. You will find a big number of jobs and minor orders. Get away from the cops, buy a powerful gun, which can be safely go even really dangerous urban area, to fly a plane in, take any one you want from the car and drive her shooting enemies. This game was the progenitor of the genre in the Newest global gaming industry. Many big game studios have tried to do something similar, but the studio Rokstar Games succeeded beyond all praise.

The Hood

Another action in the manner of GTA. The game by itself looks like a series of games on nemaloizvestnuyu Android known as Gangstar. In the story the main character was substituted and put in jail for three years. There he discovers that the gang members "Bloodz" finished off his brother. After the release of the slammer, he begins to pay for it, destroying everything and everyone in their way, leaving behind a lot of mutilated corpses.