The Game throw and turn the poor man in all directions, throwing objects at him and cling to the wall with the buttons.

In this game you have to take over the famous city of Babylon. It is trying to rebuild, and we need to stop it! To win the fight, need strategy and better weapons.

An interesting and unique novelty for Android. The meaning of this game - smoking bulbolyatora (device, designed for smoking of marijuana or other light drugs). The game has a variety of tools and smoking materials.

A game about the firearms that can realistically hold, twirl, flip, resize, move. You can even turn off the fuse holder to charge and shoot.

Dragon, Fly! - Is an excellent arcade game in an interesting cartoon style. Character is Little Dragon. He is poorly able to fly, you have to help him. Click on the screen when he is on the mountain, and when he let go downstairs to a crackdown and Drake took off.

Pocket God


Add the natives and do with them what you will, catch and fling anywhere or just dip into the water and then pull out, and the other way around, arrange them blissful pleasure. Play at several locations, look for the mini-game on the cards, call the bosses, and more!