KUBOOM - active multiplayer shooter game for the Android platform, which is able to easily compete with other representatives of this gaming genre. At this point, the developers have implemented a novelty in its three basic modes: the bomb, the team and single.

Shades - Combat Militia - passing an open testing online project for the Android platform, designed in perspective from above. Despite the presence of errors (minor) the game is able to demonstrate excellent quality of the gameplay, and, a gamer can choose

Coalition - Multiplayer FPS - we offer you to immerse your head in the three-dimensional, realistic and addictive Android shooter, made in the form of first-person. It offers a set of playing cards and a large arsenal of modern weapons. You need to choose your side

Midnight Star: Renegade - an exciting shooter, shooting for Android devices, in the form of first-person, which is currently still in a period of development, but any gamer, owning powerful mobile devices

Battle Bears Royale - a great shooter with a third person, in multiplayer mode, which causes involuntary recall a classic game genre, like Unreal Tournament. But here, to replace the aliens and futuristic soldiers came well-equipped bears. They are divided into six groups, each of which is characterized by the properties of the original and its arsenal of weapons. Fight with your friends on the framework of 10 different game cards. Multiplayer mode has support for up to eight users.