Very unusual, beautiful game. You need to have 7 crazy worlds (which in turn is added to the world every 7 levels) and to feed a monster. It will be quite difficult. Where you would not go, you will not fall, because there is gravity in 360 °.

In this game you have to save the Earth from alien attack. The invaders have surrounded the world's largest cities, and destroy everything in its path. You - commander and responsible for the management of rapid and intense campaign.

Monopoly - famous throughout the world, it is played by millions since childhood. This game helps develop thinking. With seed money, you have to buy the houses, factories, hotels, shops, and make the opponent bankrupt.



Create a unique squad of heroes, go with a series of furious battles with monsters, power is growing. Use dozens of unique special abilities, which appear in the accumulation of experience, improve the equipment of his party!

Amateurs shoot can relax and take pleasure from the game. The Game - to repulse the enemy Soviet fighter aircraft of NATO. Decisive factor - a nuclear weapon that will win the decisive battle.

Continuation of the game in which you appear as an air traffic controller. You have to work at different airports from the North Pole to the Moon. You have to manage not only the passenger liner and military aircraft and space vehicles. Your choice 9 airports and 79 unique levels
In a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a nuclear war, hordes of zombies roam in search of human flesh. But the threat is not only from the zombies that you'll encounter! You still waiting for such monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein! Throughout the 20 levels, you have to fight the hordes of monsters. Destroy them with fire, electricity, lasers and other weapons. Each battlefield is unique: Visit to the Amazon rain forest, the Bermuda Triangle and even in parallel worlds. You have to develop a strategy and tactics of survival. Are you ready to become the last bastion of defense of humanity? If yes, then your weapon and go ahead!



The popular puzzle game is now for Android! Easy to learn, but hard to achieve excellence. Each train must be brought to the destination station, according to the color. Draw the path by which to train.

Open your own restaurant! Wear a hat chef and cook good food. Find the ingredients, learn recipes and submit your culinary skills! Organize a restaurant and do everything to make your customers happy!

Like football? Then this game is for you! The essence of the game - one touch of a finger to the screen of the phone to score Gaulle. Chasing the ball around the pitch, you go around opponents, let's passes and score goals.

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