Fastlane: Road to Revenge

Arcade race


Fastlane: Road to Revenge - a curious mix of arcade racing with elements of action and scrolling shooter in a vertical format. The user is invited to act as a rider who takes part in illegal street racing, competing in skill and professionalism with numerous opponents in the current format. Along the way, opposing the urban organized criminal groups, which recently completely disengaged, and do not allow peaceful citizens to live peacefully. In order to always be among the first at the finish line, you will regularly improve and modernize your vehicle by purchasing new spare parts and decorative elements for it in the specialized store. At the start, the user will be asked to test their skills in the trial race, which is more educational in nature, allowing you to master the management of a car equipped with a variety of weapons. Control is carried out in just one touch - just move your finger across the screen of the mobile Android device, maneuvering from side to side, while shooting your car will automatically, watering numerous competitors with a hail of deadly bullets. In addition to standard cars, sometimes on the track you can find massive gasoline tank trucks, hitting on which you can arrange a spectacular explosion that destroys all nearby cars. The more distance you can travel, the higher the reward, as a result, it turns out, accordingly, you will be able to pump your car as fast as possible.


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