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Cribbage Pro - an exciting Android puzzle in which the main elements of interaction are maps, and based on the rules of the game "Cribbage." This is a popular card game in the US and England, designed for two participants, whose goal, using special combinations to score 121 points. The Cribbage Pro project is easy to learn, as the developers have implemented an intuitive interface and provided gamers with an introductory instruction, opened from the main menu, where all the possible algorithms of the game steps are presented in a step-by-step format. But this applies only to novice players who are not yet familiar with the Cribbage rules, the rest can safely immediately proceed to the process itself, going for a virtual gaming table! Before acting against a real player, we recommend hone skills with artificial intelligence, since such a practice will never be superfluous! A distinctive feature of the project is its cross-platform, so you can play on mobile devices, and on PC. Just go to the main menu, choose any free table, determine the bet and be ready in a couple of seconds to arrange a card game with an opponent! They are pleased with the possibilities for fine-tuning the most diverse game aspects. Choose the number of games to play? Repeat system and bring the results to a global rating? Using in-game chat and a complete transformation of the appearance of the table? In this Android puzzle you can hope for a lot of opportunities - you just have to go to the settings and see all the suggested options!


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