Real Steel Boxing Champions

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Real Steel Boxing Champions - another spectacular and realistic Android fighting game, referring to the popular game series Real Steel. However, here the user not only has to participate in dynamic fights, but also to design his fighter from available elements from scratch. So, after launching the application, without thinking twice, we begin to collect the future champion and the storm of numerous opponents. To do this, the game provides a wide selection of spare parts, components and parts - it is enough to create a unique in all parameters of the combat robot. Limbs, torso, head - you have the opportunity to use a single set or on the contrary to bring to the appearance of your warrior the maximum variety, turning it into an amazing mechanical creation. The key and most fascinating mode is the global Tournament in which your fighter repeatedly goes to the ring and beats with opponents, the skill and strength of which grows simultaneously with those of your protagonist. In order to get out of the tournament as a winner, it's not enough to have the skill of hand-to-hand combat, you should regularly pump your mechanoid, spending all your earned fees on it. To do this, we leave between the fights in a special hangar, and we improve each individual part and spare part of the robot. The most difficult of the existing regimes is a test, where the opponents are real professionals who have passed through their career lights and water. It is here in the award for the victory you can get exclusive components, including "spontaneous", giving the maximum protection and allowing to inflict an impressive damage to the opponent. A huge plus of the Real Steel Boxing Champions for the Android platform are network fights, as well as online broadcasts, with which you can see in real time the fights between other real gamers from around the world.


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