World War Heroes - we bring to your attention an Android shooter made in the setting of World War II from the Game development ltd studio, which involves the gamer in fierce fights, realized in the form of first-person, as well as the possibility of multiplayer mode. The user can access five global maps with excellent drawing of all surrounding objects.

Offroad Pickup Truck R - this novelty from the Oppana Games studio is able to attract only real fans, as the gameplay of the simulator is not sufficiently diverse, we would even say that it is poor and primitive, and this hints that the developers are obviously too lazy and gave the game community quite Raw and uninteresting product.

South Park: Phone Destroyer - this Android card game, performed in the entourage of the popular animated series, will enthrall users for a long time and offer a lot of unusual gaming opportunities. The mechanics of the novelty presented to the outrageous is simple and intuitive, since the creators did not want to introduce any grandiose innovations, but chose the standard option as the basis.

Durango Wild Lands - one of the most promising MMORPG this year, the developers of which tried to combine in one project all the best from several genres at once, and judging by the critics' response, they did it perfectly. Project Durango Wild Lands from the studio NEXON Company gives gamers almost complete freedom of action, and the game story sends fans of survival in an aggressive environment in a fantastic universe.

Rise of the Kings - promising in terms of functionality and gaming capabilities, a multiplayer Android strategy, events that occur in an alternative fantasy universe populated by people, elves and orcs. The plot develops from the moment when the neighboring state of the Orcs attacks the people's kingdom - it is the gamer who must cope with this threat, defending his borders, expelling the hated enemy from the territories.

Demise of Nations - this Android strategy with the capabilities of cross-platform multiplayer will send the user in the heyday and inevitable fall of the Roman Empire. Form and manage your troops, professionally capturing more and more new territories and defending your own frontiers.

Space Commander - space strategy, providing a multiplayer mode, allowing you to compete in skill with other real players from around the world. The game has a lot of locations, and the gameplay is reduced to the destruction of the maximum number of attacking waves of aggressively-minded alien invaders.

Pocketown is an exciting Massively multiplayer online role-playing game from the PETYGAME studio, with which any gamer gets the opportunity to become a professional coach of pocket monsters, better known as Pokemon. In search of incredible and promising in terms of development of his skill of adventure, the protagonist keeps his way to Pocketown, where the trainers have a lot of privileges and are considered real heroes.

Real Steel Boxing Champions - another spectacular and realistic Android fighting game, referring to the popular game series Real Steel. However, here the user not only has to participate in dynamic fights, but also to design his fighter from available elements from scratch. So, after launching the application, without thinking twice, we begin to collect the future champion and the storm of numerous opponents.

Swipe Fighters Legacy - we bring to your attention the multiplayer Android fighting game from the studio Copenhagen Creators, allowing gamers to demonstrate their skills of hand-to-hand combat in battles with real users from around the world. Pleases the cute cartoon graphics, smooth animation of all characters and atmospheric audio accompaniment.