BABEL Rising

In BABEL Rising exciting game the player will play the role of the Lord. Your goal - to interfere with all conceivable methods to people who are trying to build a tower of Babel. As a player will be the six most unbridled power, for example, such as various kinds of lightning, typhoons and even earthquakes! Beautiful animation, high-quality and detailed graphics, and even the perfect musical accompaniment. BABEL Rising game is designed to raise your spirits and help with pleasure time!
Little Empire is worth a look interesting online media strategy in real time, looks like a bit of a legendary and well-known to many gamers game Heroes Might and Magic. This game has a very high quality gameplay, beautiful and worked 3D graphics, in the presence of a unique-designed combat system, with elements of tactics. The game can be put into the case different spells, and other qualities of heroes. Raise your empire, hiring armies and destroy everything and everyone on the way to the goal. In Little Empire can break away and relax, enjoying the picturesque world and a decent sense of humor, and you can set lofty goals and achieve the same course! The game has a lot of Russian players, the game can lead the Russian-language correspondence, which is not good.

NFL Pro 2012


Offer players to take part in the games of the season 2011-2012! You need to increase your skills and open up new opportunities in the difficult path to the desired victory. Used in the game thanks to the official license of the NFL and NFL Players, a player can easily choose your any of the more than three dozen teams and more than two thousand of these players in the league. Play various games and dial valuable points with which you can open a new stadium, prof. skills as well as excellent tactical possibilities. Because of the use of modern technology in the game (motion capture) in the project was implemented excellent, high quality graphics and a high level of animation player when running, performance tackles, touchdowns and more. A new, improved gameplay will give you the ability to better control their players during the run, PACE or Tekla.



In the game you have to MiniGore oppose the onslaught of furries and every demon in the remote wilderness of Hardland! Our main character will not be party to their opponents, and elementary feed them lead in this highly intense and dynamic game. For the normal control your android device must support multi-touch. The graphics in this game is very high quality and beautiful, everything looks perfectly, from earth to heaven! The game has several different modes of dynamic complexity. It remains to wish you good luck! But be very careful: insane mode is not for the faint hearted!

Devil Ninja2


The player will enter into a new battle on the devil's land, it is time ninja, it's time to join the battle. Your goal in the next game, you must fight against countless monsters, and more ruthlessly kill various bosses. In this you will not only great your natural ability, but also all sorts of bonuses that are building combat effectiveness of your hero. Enjoy this amazing game!



The game takes place in 2350, intergalactic contract many of the reckless bounty hunters to perform their tasks. Only the best of the best are among those selected and call them SHADOWGUNS. In this game you play the role of John Slade, the most famous and courageous in the galaxy bounty hunter. The goal - to finish with Dr.Edgarom, mad scientist who created an army of mutants carrying only death. You need to get to the mountain stronghold of the "Dr. Evil" and to grapple with his personal protection, which consists of a terrible cyborg, a different sort of combat robots, and even the most realistic humanoid. In your mission you will use the most advanced weapons, and SARA Project kosmokorabli SHADOWGUN combines very intense tactical shooter and the action of a third party. Revel in this beautiful graphics and a great soundtrack!

This game is about how a mad scientist studying love little monster Am Nyamaa sweets. Help Professor experiments! Your job razrezyvat ropes with candy to feed Am Nyamaa!
With Trainz Simulator you can build the railway of their dreams. You will have everything you need to create routes, laying track and a further operation.
Take part in the competition with a mini golf course on your smartphone! Test your skills, rolling his ball into the hole, making the minimum number of strokes. This job complicate obstacles: walls, magnets, fans.
The game Steambirds must defeat the enemy bombers, which are found in your way. Apply for this bombs, missiles and toxic gas.
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