Mysteries of New York

Quests Logic Adventure puzzle


If you are a fan of puzzles and intellectual pastimes, flavored with detective themes, then the novelty of the "Riddles of New York" is simply a must for you to download, as the developers of the studio "FIVE-BN GAMES" were able to squeeze the maximum out of this genre. Given the quality of performance, it's easy to understand why this project is worth a lot of money, but to get acquainted and make a purchasing decision, developers offer a cut-down version of their novelty. So, the game history starts with the fact that bosses of criminal groups began to disappear in New York incomprehensibly. Moreover, the competitors have nothing to do with this, the police also do not take responsibility for the disappearance of criminal authorities, because they just disappeared literally in the air before the eyes of the citizens. Mysticism some, you will say! Exactly, let's say more, after disappearing from the people there were exotic butterflies, living, as a rule, in the tropics. In short, with the story developers have tried to glory, and you have to disentangle this cunning tangle step by step, solving mystical puzzles and communicating with eyewitnesses who can help in the investigation. With the management of the authors did not become queer and they used standard svaypas and tapas on the screen, with the help of which all the active actions on the locations are carried out.


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