Iron Blade - Medieval Legends

Role Rpg


Iron Blade - Medieval Legends - a dynamic and atmospheric role-playing Android project from the famous studio Gameloft, in which the gamer again is responsible for the continued existence of the game universe in a pristine, not incinerated form. Such a plan mobile games can not boast of a non-standard plot, since everything, by and large amounts to one thing - some evil forces (in this case, this ruler of the other world Baal) are trying to capture the universe and subordinate their own despotic power to all its inhabitants. But we do not like such a prospect, do we? Therefore reincarnate in a noble warrior and give battle to the impending army of Darkness. Game mechanics, despite the typical application, still has a number of features. The fact is that in addition to standard tapes and svaypov user to do more, unfortunately, nothing. In other words, all fights in the project represent a systematic clatter on the display of the mobile Android gadget. The protagonist moves around the game space on a full "machine", because he is, so to speak, an adult and quite independent guy. But, despite this simplicity of the gameplay, the RPG elements are still present: the gamer should constantly look behind the current state of the protagonist's equipment and at the first opportunity to improve it. Only in this case our valorous hero will be able to effectively counter the growing threat. Although graphically the project Iron Blade - Medieval Legends is not inferior to its console counterparts, it is nothing more than a wrapper, while the candy itself is rather ordinary and fresh. As for the shortcomings of the project, you can also consider that he is very demanding on the characteristics of the mobile device, so running it on budget models is simply unrealistic, do not even try.


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