FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING - an adventurous role-playing project for the Android platform from guys from Mstersoft, made in full-fledged 3D design. The gameplay and mechanics are implemented according to the standard scenario recently - we improve the protagonist's skill, leading him through the twists and turns of the game story, successfully passing the teaching mission.

Dawn Rune


Rune Rise - This Android game will send a gamer into a dangerous but exciting journey through the mystical universe, in the course of which there are also complex puzzles to solve, and antique runes to collect in the outlandish collection. To all else, and intense fights with the enemies of the gameplay of the novelty provides, only non-standard logical thinking and dexterity will help the protagonist to emerge victorious from every collision.

Tales of the Rays - a wonderful role-playing Android game, made in the Asian style - a kind of mix of mobile design and spectacular anime. After the launch of the application, the first thing that a gamer will see is an opening with which fans of Japanese animated series are very familiar.

Runestone Keeper - old-school Android "roguelik" with branched RPG, a set of skills and advanced equipment. Go on a journey through the mysterious dungeon and try to survive in this sinister place, collecting magical relics along the way and destroying groups of monsters.

Space Commander - space strategy, providing a multiplayer mode, allowing you to compete in skill with other real players from around the world. The game has a lot of locations, and the gameplay is reduced to the destruction of the maximum number of attacking waves of aggressively-minded alien invaders.

"Can you survive in NEO Scavenger for as long as possible?" - the developers of this indie RPG project from the studio of Blue Bottle Games are interested in. And this is not idle curiosity, it is the conceptual motive of this exciting novelty. For those who do not know we say that NEO Scavenger was originally created for the PC platform, and a week later the product was dreamed of by millions of gamers from around the world.

A brave hero with a hefty sword, monsters sweeping from all sides and a sister stolen by them. You will travel to the heart of a magical kingdom, and your main conductor will be a brave protagonist. However, we did not understand who it is - a guy or a girl.



Griblers is an Android role-based project with elements of a large-scale strategy, offering users a global map for research and many protagonists who are determined to subordinate all neighboring territories to their authority. The main tasks are simple - to win in battles and save up useful resources for the further development of your virtual citadel.

Spirit monster


Spirit Monster - a universe of amazing creatures in which the user in the company of other players will collect and develop a team of their wards, nurturing from them invincible and fearless warriors. Immediately after the start of the game, many gamers will notice the striking similarity of the characters with pocket monsters from the Pokémon universe.

Land of Heroes - Zenith Season - a colorful RPG game that offers gamers to take full control of charismatic protagonists. But in order to determine the choice, even at the training stage, the user will be allowed to experience each of the characters, taking part in a test match. When the choice is made, either a clown, golem, or swordsman will get to your disposal.