An exciting puzzle game in which you as a prospector to control their employee monkey hanging on a rope. The control is performed by means of an accelerometer. Look for a better way to jewelry and other treasures. The game has three locations, including a hundred twenty levels, nice graphics and enticing gameplay.


In this awesome puzzle game your goal is to place the tactically correct octopus on a certain site. Poneobhodimo you completely fill the area limited number of octopus. Any octopus has tentacles that stretch in 8 directions.
By the will of fate, you are destined to be on the front lines to protect the sky from the endless enemy raids. Select one of the game four aircraft and clash to face risk and danger thrilling aerial duels in 3D and more and more difficult passable battles with the bosses.

RuneMasterPuzzle dynamic new puzzle game! In this game you need to collect 4 or more stones of the same color (horizontal, vertical, diagonal). 4 or more Rune line is aptly named.

A game about the firearms that can realistically hold, twirl, flip, resize, move. You can even turn off the fuse holder to charge and shoot.

Shine Runner

Very interesting and energetic race aero boats, in which you have to carry contraband. Flying forward, smashing and knocking down all that will occur in your way: buildings, chicken coops, gators, and a lot of other objects. Do not forget to collect the bales with gold and acquire the latest boats. The game good graphics and realistic physics action boat.
Shoot the Appl e - addictive puzzle game in which you help the aliens get to your favorite apple. Your goal - to shoot these same aliens from the gun to the apple, coping with obstacles. The game has all sorts of locations. All in the game one hundred and fifty levels.


Roboto - an exciting game, done in cartoon genre. You play as a robot whose goal is to find a robot girl. On the way to her you will fight the enemy robots with different weapons. All in the game thirty various levels, beautiful graphics and fine, six weapons, a possibility of leveling your robot, and as there are bosses


Curvy - This puzzle game for the Android OS using common, intuitive method of manipulating the subconscious ensemble interlocking tiles
Family Guy Uncensored - arcade on Griffin. You will laugh, passing forty levels or eight mini-games combined with the characters of the popular cartoon series. The game nice graphics
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