Bird Blast - Marble Legend - an exciting and colorful Android game developers that decided to take as a basis the draft legendary Zuma. Home game problem lies in the execution of a special gun string of colorful birds.

Recently, casual Android projects gradually lose its former popularity, but are still hardcore enthusiasts attempting to revive the interest of gamers to this game genre. Fruit Marble - a perfect example of that,

Marble King


Marble King - another variation of the game Zuma's devices Android. As in other projects of this genre, we have to control the spinning gun, which can shoot balls of different colors. It is necessary to shoot at a moving

Dragon Marble Crusher - Android fascinating dynamic game based on the legendary project Zuma. In this puzzle the user to manage the dragon, shoot colored balls at a string of the same balls.

Magic Marbles - free game space by balls of different colors and shades that make a move on the winding path string. Shoot colored balls from the frill-guns and create groups of three

Farm Blast 3D - the user will help a cute pet as soon as possible to assemble on a farm rich harvest of vegetables and fruits. For this you need to throw different fruits and vegetables in a chain consisting of assorted crops

Planet Zum. Balls Line - This Android game offers you to try your hand as a pilot intergalactic ship to go on an exciting journey in search of a beautiful planet called Zoom

Marble Legend 2 - popular balls in Zuma style again came to the platform Android. The task of the user to remove from the playing field all the different colored marble balls, combining of these chains of identical color.

Save funny animals - a company of funny animal rushes through forest paths, but they can not even and assume that at the end of their expected travel treacherous traps set by the evil hunter

Developers studio 10tons Ltd the joy of all gamers finally released the next part of his legendary Sparkle Epic, which is sold in great quantities on Android devices!