Zombie Shooter: Revenge In VR - shooter zombie theme from the studio Game Trigger, which specializes in projects of Augmented Reality. The plot in the game is not provided, so immediately after starting the application appears on the location in arms and slowly explore the surroundings

VR Project 6 Google Cardboard - Android zombie shooter with parts horror, which sends gamers into the territory of an abandoned clinic for mentally ill patients. In the project there are two modes, the first is necessary to destroy all the walking dead

DEAD WARFARE: Zombie - Studio VNG GAME STUDIOS is a new zombie shooting gallery, which is one of the best in its genre. Looking at the title of the project, users will immediately recognize that the game events occur in the world, post-zombie apocalypse

Guns, Cars, Zombies - race around the world, invaded by zombies made in setting format. Lots of action, high-quality visuals, improve system vehicles and hateful Donat "after." I must say, Donat in this project "run the show"

Beginning of the twenty-first century, it is extremely dangerous virus, designated by letter a special "the Z", at one point, "attacked" several cities located around the world. Streets crowded walking dead, everywhere heard indiscriminate firing, burning cars and buildings.

From time to time, among the clones of popular mobile projects appear real masterpieces that are unmatched expand the original game with unusual elements, innovations and more intense gameplay. New items from the studio Pudlus Games, unfortunately

Zombo Buster Rising - This project has elements of action strategy and RPG. By and large we can say that the game is pretty decent, representative of the popular genre of Tower Defense, so the main goal is the extermination of the user walking dead

The Last Zombie Hunter - Shooter in front of you on the zombie theme, in the form of first-person, which contains elements of horror. Traditionally you have to confront the army of the walking dead.

While Android mobile shooters in recent years have reached a qualitatively new level and are able to offer gamers the absolute freedom of action, yet there are such developers, who did not seek to progress

Zombies Must Die - in front of you is not just another game that calls for violence by firearms, the voice of all the surviving people of the big city with a plea for help