Death Zone - the story develops well-known scenario - the planet and many of its inhabitants are infected. Very little is left of people who were able to survive and avoid the sad fate of becoming dinner disgusting zombies. Are you the type who were lucky enough to escape this global apocalypse and your main task is to survive at any cost. Fire back walking dead, starting with its streets, and move on to the center of the city.

Zombie Frontier 2: Survive - and back at you from all sides attacking zombies! There are so many that just takes your breath away, and hair standing on end, from the understanding of his helplessness. They come with endless waves, looming like a tsunami

Become a real filmmaker and remove his film about the walking dead - Zombiewood. You have the ability to remove its own horror movie. The game is set in the Los Angeles area, where the famous

Zombie Diary Survival - Protect your home city from the invasion of zombies. Everything happened as described in motion pictures - suddenly an unknown virus drew the bulk of the citizens of brutal and hungry dead, who eats with gusto

Zombie Attack Shooting Game - zombie obsession continues. And all this motivation and inspiration for a growing number of manufacturers of mobile gaming platforms is a la The Walking Dead TV series.

Ambush Zombie 2 - the second part of a great time-killer. For the destruction of the hungry and bloodthirsty zombies, you have to develop the right strategy to not escaped none of the walking dead.

Zombie Chase - Solid zombie platformer with multiple levels of survival. This time you will manage a cowboy, armed with clubs, with which to fight the crowds, coming at you from all sides of a zombie. Cowboy able to move left and right, jump and make beats.

Redneck Revenge - you have to protect your bar from uninvited visitors. When night fell on the city, and the bar owner decided to close the eatery, it was invaded by zombies. This is a great zombie game where you need to protect yourself and your employees from the invasion of the living dead.

SWAT and Zombies - a great shooter, where fighters of special police SWAT teams to confront a ruthless zombies who want to take the city! Despite the fun hand-drawn design, this game is quite difficult and very addictive!

a Zombie Runner - the main character is the only one who has escaped to the big city of zombies. You have to help him get out of the city and look for other survivors. Smite zombies by any means, for example, you can set fire to a car to a certain time, he blew and caused great damage to all zombies that are nearby.