Get ready to board a fantastic time machine! Take a journey through time in a wonderful place to get all the pieces of the time machine and return to the order of time and space! Losing hope, Dr. George Eynvin commits suicide. The day before his death, he meets up with his young assistant Filby Young. Feeling guilty, the doctor said that was the cause of uncontrollable events that could lead to the destruction of the entire human race and cause the Apocalypse ... In order to know the reasons for his death, Filby comes to the laboratory of Dr. and finds incomprehensible spherical machine, which seems to lack some details. Philby runs it, and against his will, sent, on a journey through time and space.



Sojourn in microscopic worlds that teem with all sorts populated and microorganisms. The player will have to manage the extraordinary body, which aims to try to get out of a microcosm brought together with as many different bonuses. Collecting yellow sphere you thus get a small worm keeps you safe from militant residents microscopic world.

Draw Race 2


New first-class race with extraordinary control and excellent graphics. The player will take part in races on a variety of routes. Your goal to win the race taking the top spots. Improve your race cars and get new ones. Increase your score and winning, and open new supertrassy.



Show off all that you can, all your golfing skills in special play areas. You will manage its own force of impact and planning accuracy of its impact. The key is your goal for the least number of strokes to drive the ball into the hole. A great option for golf fans of this magnificent sporting activities.

In this space arcade game your objective is to continuously move forward, destroying various asteroids and destroy the enemy.
The game's plot is this: They used to live cows, grazed on his lovely pasture. But suddenly the evil aliens decided to take them for use in experiments. Your task is to rescue the cows! To rescue his friends, a young lady beetles (your character), you have to climb the stairs to get to a flying saucer and smash it with his heavy weight.
In the role of a ninja you have to jump over the high mountains. In this case, you should manage to score as many points as the moon will not be completely closed. Also earn bonuses on the way in the form of coins.

In this unique game you'll jump, run, fly, swim, overcoming an obstacle (lava, water, laser beams), and collect bonuses. The game has 100 levels and more than 150 awards.


Your character was in an extraordinary world with many different obstacles. The meaning of the game is to run through the hoop, which rotates, and overcome all obstacles.
An amazing game about brave ninja. The new version is expected to battle with the devil. Your task - to fight with all the monsters and destroy the main boss. Collect the balls and use them to improve their military activity.
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