Squad Wars - a three-dimensional online shooter that offers gamers two modes, single - against the artificial intelligence and team battles with users from around the globe. The first mode involves the gradual passage of levels, and after the destruction of all purposes task

Sweet Meat - Android dynamic platformer with an unusual game mechanics, which is sure to appeal to all gamers who like runners and competitions with other users from around the world. The game world Sweet Meat is both lovely and cruel

Coalition - Multiplayer FPS - we offer you to immerse your head in the three-dimensional, realistic and addictive Android shooter, made in the form of first-person. It offers a set of playing cards and a large arsenal of modern weapons. You need to choose your side

Decompression - Android dimensional shooter, made in the form of a top having multiple game modes, intuitive operation and a large arsenal of weapons and equipment. Try their own capabilities, fighting as artificial intelligence, and other gamers from around the world in PvP mode.

Rival Gears - present to your attention a dynamic Android race, made ​​in a colorful three-dimensional graphics, which will give you an unforgettable experience in the management of a fantastic vehicle.

Frontline Duty Commando Attack - Android active shooter that offers gamers play the role of a soldier special detachment to fight global terrorism across the globe. The first level has set the task of the user

Pokemon GO - present to your attention a new game Android project, has already managed to conquer the world. Used in novelty augmented reality allows the user to turn into a professional hunter for Pokemon.

Gun Glory: Anarchy (Real Time) - a three-dimensional Android shooter in which you will play the role of a professional mercenary. The plot will send you a unique and colorful game world full of dangers and enemies.

Cube Z (Pixel Zombies) - qualitative online shooter that offers the user acting as the main character trying to survive from around the globe among the crowds of zombies and gamers. Three key mode is provided in the game: a fast tournament

It is known that the most famous game project with absolute freedom of action in the vast game world, is the legendary «Minecraft», which you can do in all that your heart desires. That is why many developers do not throw attempts