Tiny Pig


Tiny Pig - colorful strategy with elements of the arcade, suggesting the user's actions to increase the number of pigs. The protagonist once in a local newspaper read that it turns out that breeding pigs is quite a profitable occupation, giving solid profits and prospects for development.

Once Upon a Tower - a dynamic Android arcade, whose main character is trying to escape from captivity, being imprisoned in a high tower. Angry fire-breathing dragon stole the princess from his parents and keeps in an impregnable tower of great height, each floor patrolled by guards.



Microbot - a sticky Android arcade that offers a gamer to act as an antivirus, and not allow harmful files to get into the computer system, and from there to the central server. Control the microbot, not allowing the square pests to be on the server and erase all important information.

GOT Evolution - Idle game of Ice Fire and Thrones - a casual project from the category of clickers, based on the plot of which the developers took a famous literary work called "Song of Ice and Flame". Your main goal is to become the owner of the "Iron Throne", for which you will have to constantly pump the most ordinary chairs.

Grow Tower: Castle Defender TD - an exciting Android strategy from the studio CookApps, in which gamers need to protect the fortress wall from the enemy's attacking waves. The building that will be defended by the user is on the left side of the playing field. Initially, there is only one archer on it, and before the wall a noble knight in shining armor walks backward, armed with a shield and a massive hammer.

Tower Defense: Syndicate Heroes TD - another good representative of the genre of Tower Defense for the Android platform from the guys from stereo7 games, on the account of which several successful strategic projects. So, according to the story and the gameplay, users have to protect their native kingdom from the attacking forces of the aggressor.



Doona - this mobile novelty from the studio Incago uses in its gameplay several genres at once - action, arcade and role-playing elements. According to the plot, we have to help the brave heroine on a journey through the gloomy world, trying to reveal all his secrets and secrets.

A new vision of the work of Lewis Carroll from domestic developers from CloudTeam. We move to the fairy-tale universe and help the main heroine to go through countless levels and safely unravel the secret of the intelligent rabbit that is constantly escaping from it.

A new Android arcade about a cat traveling in time, for which he uses his amazing abilities. Try to safely go through a large number of parallel worlds and help the protagonist with honor to withstand all the difficulties and deadly traps in the form of poisonous thorns.

Although domestic developers do not often pamper users with high-quality Android simulators on the subject of survival, but the Shadow of Kurgansk project ends up with a series of talentless projects of this genre. You have to survive in the journey through the radiation wasteland, always on guard, as in the district roam mutated creatures, hunting mostly at night.

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