Trivia Crack Heroes - an exciting Android strategy, diluted with elements of the puzzle, sending gamers to travel around the diverse locations of the enchanting universe. You are traditionally invited to turn into the greatest hero of all time and people, and this process is not easy and not fast.

TD: Tower Defense game - a curious strategy, performed in the setting of the Roman Empire, offering gamers to take advantage of Tower Defense capabilities to achieve their goals. So, according to the story, a few years ago in Britain came the units of Great Rome, which in a short time subordinated to themselves almost the entire territory of the island state.

Cube Brothers - we bring to your attention the high-speed Android arcade of hardcore complexity, in which quick reaction and dexterity solves everything. According to the game process, the user needs to control two units simultaneously, leveling them and avoiding collision with numerous obstacles.

Snake Crayon Run - Breaker or Survivor - the original Android snake, capable of conquering the hearts of gamers, not only with an amazing design of locations, but an exciting gameplay with a sea of ​​entertainment opportunities. You will not only have to navigate through a large number of obstacles, but also select the balls that will eventually help your improvised snake to increase significantly in size.

Pocket Snap - and again studio Ketchapp pleases its audience with another novelty, offering to throw miniature balls into locations located on the location. In this case, the user can not know for sure where exactly the next moment the basket appears, since the system determines this randomly.

Hop Hop Pop - casual gameplay, a galloping protagonist, a sea of ​​positive and an opportunity to spend a free minute with interest. This Android novelty from the guys from GameResort can become a permanent "resident" of your mobile device, since its replayability simply will not allow you to remove the application.

Path: Through the forest - guys from the studio Ajoy Lab presented to the court of the gaming community rather unusual and unambiguously deserving attention Android puzzle, the gameplay of which sets before the gamer the task of bringing to mind the game universe.

Hipster Sheep is a non-trivial novelty from the studio Animoca Brands, the main characters of which are sheep, who strive to comprehensively follow the culture of hipsters. In this game, everything is charming - and graphics, and the surrounding world, and audio accompaniment. The meaning of the gameplay is to help the protagonists in the choice of things, items and accessories that fully correspond to their life credo.

Knife Flip is a casual Android project that offers users to experience themselves in throwing cold weapons, demonstrating the wonders of agility and accuracy. The key task, of course, is to hit the knives on targets, but then the possibility of throwing axes, daggers and other exotic objects will open.

Ancient Battle: Rome - another Android strategy from the guys from HexWar Games Ltd, all the actions in which unfold in the format of turn-based battles, and the theme chosen is the history of conquests and victories of the glorious Roman Empire.

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