Ancient Battle: Rome - another Android strategy from the guys from HexWar Games Ltd, all the actions in which unfold in the format of turn-based battles, and the theme chosen is the history of conquests and victories of the glorious Roman Empire.

TEKKEN - the famous fighting game from the studio Namco deigned to visit and mobile Android devices, although the gameplay is a bit and changed towards simplification. The plot line spins in the original Tekken universe, where a villain again makes plans to capture the planet, and the team of virtuoso fighters again tries to destroy these plans, combining their efforts and abilities.

Food Truck Chef: Cooking Game - casual time-manager for the Android platform, the gameplay of which assumes that the user performs actions to quickly serve visitors, with the further receipt of reward from them for their work. The first stages will not be particularly "strained" gamers, as there will not be too many orders, as well as customers.

Last Hope Sniper - Zombie War - equipped with a distinct plot of Android shooter on zombie themes, with the ability to pump characters and improve weapons, the arsenal of which in the novelty is quite wide. According to the general atmosphere and style of implementation, this project from the studio JE Software AB resembles the popular series "Walking Dead", as the protagonist is also a brutal sheriff.

Two in one


Two in one - a sticky Android quiz from the studio RTU Studio, in which the user needs to guess the words encoded in the images, and, each word consists of two pictures simultaneously. After launching the application, a gamer on the screen will see two images indicating a word.

Happy Cafe - we bring to your attention a casual Abdroid simulator from the guys from Nordcurrent, in which users are again invited to build and develop the functionality of their virtual fast food restaurant. Starts the gameplay with presentation to the chef's player, it is he who, in all colors and details, will tell about everything that in one way or another concerns the cafe.

Planet of Heroes - Be the Guardian of Magic MOBA-Galaxy - a luxurious RPG project with a fair share of action, all actions in which occur in a third-person format. So, before us is a full-fledged Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, which differs from the main mass of competitors simply with amazing graphic design, battles in multiplayer mode and a promising system for improving the main characters.

FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING - an adventurous role-playing project for the Android platform from guys from Mstersoft, made in full-fledged 3D design. The gameplay and mechanics are implemented according to the standard scenario recently - we improve the protagonist's skill, leading him through the twists and turns of the game story, successfully passing the teaching mission.

Surface: Another World - the main heroine of this Android puzzle with elements of adventure, carelessly lived in her small apartment located in the center of an ancient provincial town. In her free time the girl met friends, read the works of famous scientists, was interested in the most unusual incidents, which happened with an enviable regularity throughout the country.

Not printing. The last interview is a new adventure Android quest from the Big Fish Games studio, which with enviable regularity presents its luxurious products to the court of the gaming community, which are invariably popular among fans of the genre. According to the plot of this project, the protagonist had a unique opportunity to interview one noble and influential person in certain circles.

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