Midnight call. Geronimo - his protagonist, the protagonist of this adventurous Android quest from Big Fish Games studios, was stealing - otherwise he just could not survive on the street where he found himself after his mother threw him there, unable to feed his extra mouth.

A bridge to another world. Alice in the Land of Shadows - the game story begins with how the main character goes to the local park for a morning run. Suddenly, an unknown person pushes Alice from the bridge, after which she flips back to the river in a somersault.

Myths of the peoples of the world. The island of forgotten evil - passed from generation to generation mystical story about the custodians of mysterious relics and knowledge, having passed through the prism of centuries, turned out to be real and already in the modern world decided to remind itself of itself. Centuries ago, legionnaires of Ancient Rome obtained a magical artifact, which in its vessels contained evil of universal scale.

Beholder - adventure Android arcade, expanded with logical elements, according to the gameplay of which the user is to monitor all the citizens, executing the order of his leadership. Feel yourself the master of destinies, since the further course of the entire game process largely depends on your steps.

Hop's Journey - we bring to your attention the debut product from the Vranos studio, which refers to platformers with puzzle elements, which guarantees a rather ambiguous gameplay. From the story history, the user learns that because of the powerful flash on the Sun, all satellites flying in the Galaxy have ceased to function, namely they are responsible for transmitting the signal to all celestial bodies.

Dash Legends is an extreme Android arcade with multiplayer capabilities, each member of which must run to the finish line faster than opponents and earn a game experience, gold coins and points for advanced training. All game events take place in real time format, users are invited to the game or a group of participants is formed from already online players.

Severe criminal disassembly, stabbing and robbery, extortion and tense chases - the previously quiet streets of Miami now look more like a war zone. Be that as it may, it's not even the edge of insolent criminal elements, but in completely unprofessional guardians of order.

Train Sim Builder - this Android simulator performs two tasks at once - allows the gamer to drive the locomotive and build a modern metropolis using available materials and kits. Connoisseurs of luxury graphics should immediately be warned - such is not new in the novelty, so if it's critical for you - we just pass by.

Knocking hook on the left and a lightning uppercut, a strong blow to the chin and attack of the lower limbs in the body, and then a deft tackle and effective retreat from the counterattack - the protagonist of the fighting game Karate Fighter: Real battles from the PLAYTOUCH studio is recognized as a professional martial artist.

Bursting in spectacular drift sports cars, roaring under the hood of a powerful motor, black traces of burning rubber - arcade race Real Drift Car Racer with the elements of the simulator for the Android platform is full of drive, bubbling in the veins adrenaline and cheers of dedicated fans.

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