Your character will be a frog. You have to jump on the platforms to get to the next level. First, the action takes place in underground caves with lava, and then in space.


In the game you have to get out of the cave all the items. Use the swinging crane, which is equipped with grip. To perform this task you set aside a limited amount of time.

Pool master


The most colorful and best pool, with nice graphics and gameplay. Control the game process to fingers on the touch screen, first select the path hitting the cue ball and then hitting power. The game features multiple game modes, you can play with your friends on Bluetooth. 1) Excellent allows you to kill boring time. 2) Good graphics and comfortable control. 3) Multiple game modes. 4) Pool for 8 and 9 balls.

A game similar to the style of the legendary game Angry Birds. Only here, instead of evil birds will be angry different animals. You need to destroy buildings harmful alligators, violating the peace of the animals. Facilities will sometimes come across such a large scale that had never happened. Fairly exciting game with a fun story. Rushte building alligators, get points for it, put the new records.

Ultimate 3W


Participate in the fast racing on a variety of three-wheeled bikes tracks with obstacles. Your goal come in the very first set Squeezer laps. On the highway you will have the ability to raise money, and deal with other participants for first place in the race.

All you need to do - is to fire at the enemy, killing them at a set time. Since the shootings occur at night, you will need to adopt a night vision device. Because of the color of all, the player will see will be a greenish tint. The player will shoot a famous rifle M16. It ten rounds, therefore you need to be as accurate as possible. Equally, it must be remembered and their lives, as you have no unlimited health.

Racing on the most ancient race cars out of wood and stone - Cro-Mag Rally. Even when people were still living in caves, they have competed in the race, but the cars were built out of wood, bone and stone. The player will act in such competitions. Choose a prehistoric race car, each of them has its own characteristics, only one speed, but run-down management, the other good management, but very slow. Sit in your car racer, the choice there are only two prehistoric man - a man and a woman. Collect different things on the road that will give you different abilities, for example by lightning can get a significant boost, and the bones can be thrown in the catch-up opponents.

Good sports simulator Breakdance. In this game, you can hoof it on stage in front of the entire audience! In this game, you will feel like a real hip-hop dancer. On the dance floor is a real struggle for the passage to the final. Arrange so that all who contemplate and even your opponents could not take my eyes off of your presentation.

Wonderful strategy game. The player will have to defend their own villages and attack enemy - Swords Soldiers. The game has several nations, you will act as a Viking, protect the holy land of the Aztecs and manage hazardous Chinese. Create the working people, in order to enable you to collect more gold reserves for the creation of armed warriors and summoning magical superpowers. Your soldiers will be constantly in front, destroying the enemy, create soldiers to hold the position and capture the village of the enemy. Call the magical power to help them in a fight or heal wounded soldiers. Swords Soldiers - cool toy with great graphics. You waited with fascinating and amusing Vikings, with their hammers and axes, the Aztec tribe equipped with poison darts and shamans resurrecting the dead, and the Chinese, with swords and fire firecrackers.

Slice It

Exciting puzzle game in which you will cut the figure apart. This requires you to cut the shape into equal parts using your own finger as a blade. The number of parts that are required to cut the initial object, indicated at the top of the screen. There are over two hundred levels, simple graphics, and there are helpful tips.
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