1200: Double Hit - an addictive arcade Android puzzle game from the Indigo Bunting studio with a simple graphic design of numerous levels. The project is still an arcade of the user's reaction speed, and now you will understand why.

Oracle Falls is a pretty interesting defensive Android strategy from the guys from Evil Robot Empire, who did not spoil the impression of their novelty by introducing intrusive advertising and commercial services. According to the game process, the user has to defend the approaches to a small island from the attacks of robotic machines.

Unlucky 13 - Relaxing block puzzle game - an intelligent Android game that is designed to test the ability of a gamer to plan his actions at once a few steps forward, foreseeing to what result all this can eventually lead. Place the colored figures on the playing field so that they take their place.



DATA WING - casual Android arcade, sending gamers to the digital universe of the PC system. The project is distinguished by an exclusive design of locations, neon colors and a sound accompaniment with the game process. The essence of the gameplay is the passage of quite unusual tracks of hardcore complexity.

Super Zombies Again - an ambiguous Android novelty from the studio PXLink, made in zombie-themed. We find ourselves in a location that is teeming with hundreds of ruthless cadavers, and we try to survive in this hell for as long as possible using the weapon falling as bonuses, without stopping for a minute.

Finding himself on a deserted island, the brave lad did not panic, but began to look for ways out of their extreme situation. However, instead of meeting the adults and enlisting their help, the protagonist became a direct participant in the detective novel, with many complex puzzles and rooms with secrets.

This game tells you a touching and kind story that happened to the lovely dragon after his decision to find new loyal friends. However, after wandering around the surrounding lands, the protagonist was never able to carry out his plans, since all the creatures who came across him rejected his friendship, since he was pretty ugly in appearance.

New dawn


New Dawn is a novelty from guys from Big Giant Games, the story of which tells gamers about the biological weapons created in secret laboratories, as well as tells us what its irresponsible application can lead to. You have to find crazy scientists and try to do everything to dissuade them from taking a rash step - to use in the real world a deadly virus that can not be manipulated.

A hungry grandmother, waiting for her beloved granddaughter with a basket full of fried pies with different fillings. Bring me Cakes - help a little girl safely pass a dense forest, filled with all sorts of obstacles, traps and beasts. But the most important thing is to avoid meeting a hungry gray wolf.

The Tiny Adventures is a small but brave girl against wildlife with her predatory occupants. The user has to spend brave Indian crumbs through a huge number of dangerous obstacles, simultaneously realizing how helpless the person even before simple at first glance problems.

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