Hannah is a brave girl who decided to take the fate of a beautiful country into her own hands and overcome the evil wizard who imposed the enchantment of hypnosis on the surrounding lands. However, on the way to accomplish the task, the main heroine has to solve a huge number of puzzles of increasing complexity, acting as carefully and clearly as possible.

PepeLinde Adventures - finally we waited for the continuation of the exciting and extraordinary Android puzzle from the studio Chundos Studio. We appear on a miniature island and help the protagonists - a boy and a girl to restore the road from existing blocks, rotating them around its axis.

A simple Android simulator on the automotive theme from the studio Fazo Games, the gameplay of which offers to engage users of the standard for this genre set of actions - to drive the vehicle on the road with a pretty busy traffic. A feature of the Highway Asphalt Racing project is that the gamer independently adjusts all parameters before the dynamic arrival.

Hi Neighbor 2


The long-awaited continuation of the role-playing adventure Android project from the studio HaMT Studios, the protagonist of which does not stop trying to find out the terrible secret of a neighbor living in the neighborhood. You have to get into the house of your mysterious neighbor, while acting with utmost care and quiet, so as not to be detected.

Mafia Revenge: Real-Time PvP is a gorgeous Android action-packed action gangster that impresses with its highest quality, colorful graphics, the enchanting atmosphere of the mid-20th century, and an amazingly impressive set of gaming features.

Wings of Cardboard is a dynamic Android arcade, in which the user is assigned a mission to control the cock, whose dream of a lifetime is flights, but he still has to learn to fly. Immediately after the protagonist hatched into the light of God from the egg, he was overcome by the passionate thought of learning to fly long distances.

The main heroine of this puzzle is the girl Claire - a famous adventurer, specializing in the search for ancient treasures and rarities that have sunk into the nonexistence of civilizations, and, in search of the heroine, she visits the ocean expanses and high mountains and gloomy caves.

Dragon Thrones Defender: game of fire - stylish and filled with an amazing Android arcade atmosphere, a game story which revolves around the events taking place in the world of the popular fantasy series called "The Game of Thrones."

Rest outside - interactive Android kest, made in text format, which offers gamers to go on an exciting trip to a forgotten settlement, located in a very picturesque place.

Climbing Block - Let's up - elegantly designed Android arcade, in the role of protagonists in which are very unusual creatures. So, according to the gameplay, the user has to take control of the lama, who deftly jumps, and at that moment a high pyramid is formed under it, consisting of many differently shaped elements.

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