The main character like a chameleon changes its color, so he tries to disguise and not fall into the hands of predators. In order not to fall through the platform on which you are traveling, you need to be a certain color.

Protect your castle from enemy mage monsters. Choose the best positions and place friendly wizards, taking into account all of their abilities. Character in a fantasy and have good graphics rendering.

World Snooker Championship - it is an excellent simulation of the popular games in the world - pool for devices based on the operating system Android. Compete with the legendary snooker billiards player Stephen Hendry, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Ding Dzhanhu. The game is very colorful and expressive graphics and realistic environment. You can choose to play with the bot or with friends via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In the game's career mode, you have to order hundreds of difficult matches with different artists from around the world. Any one of them will have their own game "chips."



In this fun game your mission - to return the stolen diamonds and look rosy robber. But you have to look for it in fifty different caves, each of which is taken separately level. In the caves you will meet a lot of different obstacles and dangers. The game is made in a unique decoration. The abundance of enemies and will not give you a moment for boredom, and to an even greater effect you will have chance to put your own music on the background music!

Death Racing


Death Racing - is qualitatively made arcade racing with nice graphics, explosive gameplay and comfortable control. Directly on the streets, crowded abundance every kind of transport, from small cars to large tank trucks and large trucks you show wonders resourcefulness and master class drive a motor vehicle. The player will have to overcome not only the way in the shortest time, squeezing the maximum speed of its steel baby, but that of all sorts of errands and do not forget to collect scattered on the road, money. The proceeds you will be able to open new cars that look very expressive and bright.

Big Win Soccer - cute game of cards, football simulator. The main difference of the game from the majority of similar projects is that there is, besides choosing the football team and its preparation of the players through brute force available to you at the hands of cards, there is a chance viewing of the football match. Form your personal unique dream team, to compete with rivals from around the world, buy and sell athletes make money. You can train the players, and they will acquire various skills: Accuracy, range strike, selection, management and control of the ball, the play head and so on.

Whack Muscle is a very unusual simulator street fight. This game should not be taken seriously, as it is some kind of joke. The game's plot is contained in the fact that the famous American singer Britney Spears with a baby and a friend went to a night club entertainment. After driving up to the nightclub, boyfriend goes to the front door to this place, where he is to face gorillopodobnym security. The following is a conversation that eventually ends fight. You just have to play the role of a bouncer. You need to manage security fists and try to light the under eye boyfriend of Britney Spears.

Defence Cannon - here you have to take under its control the powerful super large-sized gun and protect his convoy trucks and barricades on the armada of giant mechanical insects. You need to manage a giant cannon, rotate it by 360 degrees destroying enemies. In addition to exciting gameplay you will enjoy excellent graphics, and turning his camera in his hand can be seen on the battlefield with a view. The graphics in the project done perfectly. Managed need a little tricky, but after a couple of levels to experience the discomfort you will not.

Doodle Saver


It was time to splash, swim, sunbathe and sit back! However, not all are able to swim quite well, according to! That's it for such careless vacationers you perform the role of rescuer! Your goal saved from certain death drowning, throwing them life preservers. However, be careful on your way can meet different obstacles: octopus, sharks, and even ... the bomb! The game features cartoon graphics, so that all the characters are very colorful and funny! Musical accompaniment is simple and unobtrusive. Melody freely stored and during prolonged listening does not act on the nerves.

1096 AD: Knight Crusades - gorgeous RPG, action which developed in the Middle Ages. Game with cool 3D graphics and visual effects. The player will play the role of the commander, whose main task will be the fortress of protection from enemy attacks. You can employ to protect the various units: knights, archers, spearmen, cavalry and so on. The storyline of the game is set during the legendary Crusades. Defeat your enemy, leaving him the only chance. You will have great graphics and good gameplay.

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