Lobotryas - a positive Android game, focused on the simultaneous participation in the gameplay of several gamers. The principle is simple - one guesses the word, the rest try to guess it. The project is distributed completely free of charge, although advertising regularly pops up, but it is quite possible to reconcile with this.

Skeleton Rider - Stunts Defied - arcade Android race, the gameplay of which is almost completely copied from the project "Gravity Defied", long passed into the category of the cult. Unless in our case the graph is a bit "steeper". Otherwise, there are no differences - we travel through the illustrated game locations, overcome the standard obstacles and try to reach the coveted finish as quickly as possible.

WildRide Race and Shooting - we present to your attention an entertaining and exciting combination of arcade racing and hurricane action. The project is divided into separate stages, each of which is a route that the gamer has to overcome, successfully reaching the finish line.

Coco Crab


Coco Crab - colorful Android arcade game with casual gameplay, according to which the user will manage the crab and cut the colorful fruits and berries appearing on the screen. Visually the project looks positively, and the cheerful musical accompaniment only adds to it pluses to the overall assessment.

Not everyone loves insects, and some are just afraid of these sweet creatures, although absolutely in vain. Most of the beetles are absolutely harmless, at least for humans, to take at least the protagonist of the Buggs project ! Smash the arcade! From the studio of Tigrido - he hurries on his business, passing along for the two cheeks a variety of berries and fruits.

The main protagonist of this Android arcade is a certain Arthur - a kind of guy with "golden hands" who earns money by performing small orders of customers, mostly related to carpentry and plumbing. Moreover, the hero almost did not deny anyone, for which he was known as the kindest "guy in the village".

Mathematical puzzles are a remarkable set of puzzles of increasing complexity for the Android platform, based on a variety of mathematical solutions. The user needs to make sure that all the digits in the grid result in the result manipulation at the output.

Bounce House - a dynamic Android runner, whose events occur in a fairy-tale world, all the inhabitants of which move jumps, starting from springing surfaces. Most likely, many of you dreamed of frolicing on the trampoline, but such entertainment is more suitable for young children, adults are usually shy, fearing the surprised looks of all around.

Beat Fever


Beat Fever - rhythmic music Android arcade from the studio WRKSHP, which seems to have many moments of gameplay borrowed from the famous project Guitar Hero. The standard guitar is replaced by rhythm monsters located at the bottom of the playing field. And from the top down the colorful elements descend, it is for them that the user has to tap, but only when they get to the rhythm monsters.

My Knight and Me - Epic Invasion - we suggest you go on an amazing journey in the company of brave protagonists, enjoying arcade gameplay with action elements. The user will have to take control of the noble knight, who beats with evil creatures that look like moles.

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